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About icam

We build projects for the future.

We build good experiences with our customers, our partners, our team, our subcontractors and our community.

— Engineering services

Connecting people around the world.

Our total construction and service offering enables us to deliver projects in their entirety. We can lead projects from the initial concept phase through to management, operations and long-term asset maintenance.

A deep commitment to the public interest.

We lead projects with the public administration for different municipalities.

Promote the renewable energy industry.

We carry out a study of your facilities and help you with the necessary energy transformation for a clean and sustainable energy.

Extensive experience in the industry

Through extensive experience and the motivations of our clients, we design and execute engineering projects of the highest level.

We build projects for the future

Our mission is to produce the highest quality work for every client, on every project. Let's collaborate and make an impact with our interdisciplinary approach to design and development.

Looking for collaboration?


C/ Mallorca 2 ASG Centro de Negocios Despacho 408 Polígono Industrial Poyo de Reva S-12 46394 Ribarroja del Túria

+34 96 354 00 19

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